Dallas Clayton just finished a new mural in Chicago!  It's located in Wicker Park at 1611 E Damen Ave.  We drove up and parked a few blocks away so we could park for free! (free parking in Chicago ain't no joke)  It was so fun to read all the amazing power and love statements on the wall.  I honestly couldn't stop smiling looking at it.  Seeing my baby boy under words like "You're a Wish and a Wonder!" and "you're a miracle child!" was really moving.  I hope everyone feels that as they see those words! Also just a few blocks away is En Hakkore and En Hakkore 2.0 we love Asian fusion food and this place has some delicious Bibimbap and Korean BBQ tacos. GO TRY!

UPDATE! The mural is painted over :( honestly I am so sad about it!