Almost Spring

Spent the last week of April with our darling friends, Matt, Rachel & Jada.  Took them to all our fave spots in Chicago.  It was still freezing cold so that was a bit of a bummer.  

60 degrees

when chicago breaks 50 degrees in the winter months it is like God is saying being patient spring will come!  Honestly, you can get so depressed here with no sun and negative temps.  We are in the home stretch!!! This week we had some warm weather and it was amazing. We went to Maggie Daley & hung out with my cute friend Madi and her son, Mason.  Side note, I tinted my own eyebrows following this gal's tutorial, Mikelle Kennedy.  It was a little scary but I definitely am excited to be able to do this myself!

the weekend

Ended up hanging at the zoo with an old friend, exploring the houses in our neighborhood and having a spontaneous fire pit at the lake.  

This week was especially hard because Chris had a very busy work week.  One night he didn't come home till 5:30 AM!!! Yikes.  Anyway, we tried to make the best of it.  Did lots of laundry, cleaning and just enjoyed the "warmer" weather.

Early Christmas Eve

We had Christmas early with Jack so we didn't have to haul his gifts back and forth between Chicago and Salt Lake since we will be in Utah over actual Christmas.  We had a blast! Having Christmas with a kid is so stinking fun.

Christmas Eve consisted of jammies, the Grinch, putting together our neighbor gifts, Christmas stories, reading Luke 2 and a dance party to our Christmas Cheer playlist.

Christmas morning consisted of lots of claps, laughs, tears, blocks, ribbon and a yummy breakfast.

The Black and White wrapping paper you see I created! I wanted some Christ centered wrapping paper this year. So I made my own with my handwriting! It says “Come adore on bended knee, Christ the Lord the newborn King!


subway adventures

You know those times where you plan to do something and it does not work out.  We had one of those moments on Saturday.  Tried to go to this parade and it was freezing and couldn't see a thing.  We ended up just playing in the subway station while waiting for our train.  Still a fun night.  Gotta go with the flow as a parent.

Lunch w/ Dad

Jack and I took the metra train to visit dad at work.  Chris works at an ad firm downtown, Energy BBDO and we love grabbing some lunch with him.  The Nutella Cafe is literally right next door to his office and because Chris loves Nutella he has been dying to go.  To be honest, the crepe was fine but I would never go again. Do yourself a favor and go to Eataly or anywhere else. At least they had a cool sign.  Chris had a few more minutes before he had to get back so we walked along the river and chased Jack.  I love my crew.